C & M's Bear Hugs

News Bulletins October - December 2000

30th December 2000

Vernon and Jed have sold out.

19th December 2000

Both April and Horatio sold out at the weekend.

14th December 2000

We welcome Ginnie and Florrie to the hug. Maria has now completed almost all of her Christmas commissions and she is now designing some new bears for 2001. Claire comes home from university on Saturday so she will be at the studio most of next week.

10th December 2000

Caramel was adopted today.

8th December 2000

I have updated the course dates up to the end of April 2001 please check the course pages Bear Courses and Other Courses.

We have also added Green Ginger and Cookie to our hug.

Maria is busy finishing several commissions ready for Christmas delivery.

5th December 2000

Maria's bears are finding new homes quickly. Custard and The Colonel have now all gone and several other editions are down the the last one. If you are considering adopting a bear at Christmas* then you need to order quickly.

*Please note that a Bear is for life, not just for Christmas.

26th November 2000

Well we are almost at the end of a very successful Christmas Market, we had four editions sell out: James, Nutmeg, Rose and Spring. Claire and Maria were rushed off their feet producing Christmas bead baubles and Christmas pipe cleaner bear decorations.

23rd November 2000

Sox found a good home today, and James and Kris Mouse joined our hug. The Christmas market starts tomorrow, if you visit don't forget to talk to the bears.

19th November 2000

Vanilla Fudge went to a new home today, so did the last Arctic. We went to Ted's Place Too on Saturday to see what they had and to get some more fur fabric. There was lots to choose from. Today we spent the whole day decorating the studio ready for the Christmas market; we had lights, baubles and tinsel everywhere. We even got a tree and lights for the miniature bears.

17th November 2000

Only a week to go to the Christmas Market!! Much excitement and preparation. Maria was making the last in the edition of Arctic - preparing him for a new home in January, and she was just fastening the last leg on when she realized the she had made two right legs! After much searching and calling round we finally located enough fur for another leg - at the very bottom of Maria's fur chest. Arctic was very pleased as he did not fancy hobbling round on three legs.

The last Archie went to a new home about a week ago. Maria is now busy designing some new bears for next year.

8th November 2000

Maria has now designed the panda to be used as the pattern for the course - called Chinese Jade.

From now until the end of December we are introducing a discount of 10% (not including p&p) on all sales though the web site. This is to coincide with the review of our web site in the December edition of Teddy Bear Times.

5th November 2000

We had a very quiet bear fair, the forecast bad weather did not materialise but it still kept people away - even so Harriet and Pepper went to new owners. We are now looking forward to the Christmas market.

4th November 2000

The last Strawbeary Sundae has been sold, however we have two new bears (Sasha & Vanilla Fudge), three new pandas (Caramel, Nutmeg and Pepper) and a cat (Sox). The bears are getting all excited about the bear fair tomorrow.

The course dates to Easter 2001 are now finalised - see Bear Courses and Craft Courses

23rd October 2000

An-an sold out today but we still have some pandas available: Tranquility, Keiko and Bon-bon.

22nd October 2000

Our web site is now hosted by Internet Design. We apologise if you have had problems accessing the site during the transfer.

New bears George and Rusty have joined our hug along with a panda called Tranquility. Maria has also introduced her first marionette bear Barnabus.

15th October 2000

Both Cherry Pie and Zsa-zsa have sold out.

We now accept overseas orders and credit card orders via ITrustYou.com who offer a multi-currency escrow service. See How to order for details.

1st October 2000

Added two new bears (Harriet and Cherry Pie).

Added a page to show a sample of Claire's beadwork. Claire works mostly with Japanese Matsumo glass seed beads (sizes 11/0 and 12/0), but she also has an extensive collection of Czech beads, trade beads and others.


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