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News Bulletins 2001


27th December 2001 We have added Elliot and Noelle to our hug. Sweety Pie is another bear that was adopted before I could put her on the web site. The last Stilton was reserved on Christmas day.
17th December 2001 Frost sold out a while back but I missed him out. Rosie sold out today, and Kev sold out on Sunday - where he didn't even make it on the site first. Other new arrivals are Brian, Pansy, Henry and mouse called Stilton
15th December 2001 I must apologise, I have been so busy I have not managed to keep this site up to date, I will try and keep on top of it from now on. There are a lot of new bears. The bear course dates have been updated
New Bears:
Beatrix, Bran, Christmas Beary, Cinnamon, Cranbeary, Fergus, Gentle, Jai-Ji, Leonard, Honey
Bears no longer available: Ning-Ning, Faolân, Bai-Yun, Woodstock, Kris Mouse, Buttercup, Rob
Bears who sold out before I updated the web site:
Bridie, Cherie, Leopold, Kevin, Donovan
4th October 2001 Bluebeary Candy and Raspbeary Candy were mistakenly marked as sold out. In fact there are three of each left.
1st October 2001 Bannoffee, Ruskin, Butterscotch, Chocolate SundaeBluebeary Candy and Raspbeary Candy have all sold out.
Buttercup, Ning-Ning and Sebastian have been added to our range.
9th September 2001 Hadrian and Misha editions have sold out. Maria has added some wonderful new creations to our hug. They are Kahlúa, Butterscotch, Katz and Crumble.
FrugalEscrow have informed us that they are currently unable to accept credit cards, so yet again we are looking for an escrow partner, in the meantime we can accept credit cards through Patchings Art Centre.
5th September 2001 We had a quiet Bear fair - a little disappointing. However we have sold out of Strawbeary Smoothie, Mandarin and Pumpkin.
26th August 2001 We are all excited and getting ready for the bear fair tomorrow. Claire is going to be showing people how to make pipe-cleaner bears, we are unveiling our new collection of beary fridge magnets and car stickers. Patchings new resident potter, Ray, will be raku firing in the garden - very exciting all flames and smoke with some wonderful results.
The last Blaze was adopted yesterday. Maria has added three new bears to the collection: Rob and Bertha and Bannoffee.
19th August 2001 Hadrian joined our hug today and Ruff chose his new owner. Claire also updated her beadwork page. Claire's beadwork course dates have also been updated. Our bookshop is now up and running, offering books at amazing savings.
12th August 2001 Morgan went to a new home today, Woodstock, a throwback from the 60s, and Pumpkin have joined our hug. We are pleased that we can now offer books in association with Amazon. Watch this space for a new bookshop section coming soon.
9th August 2001 Jason and Norris went to loving homes during the past few days.
1st August 2001 Todd, Tyler, Ruff, Jason, Henry and Etta, Strawbeary SmoothieWaif and Stray and Xander have been added to our hug.
Alex, Rush, Sid, Henry and Etta, Tyler and Parsley have sold out.
9th July 2001 Tranquility and Treacle Toffee sold out at the weekend.
26th June 2001 The last Ling-Tou found a new home today.
24th June 2001 We had a wonderful festival. Maria unveiled several new bears: Elena, Mandarin, Monroe, Morgan, Parsley and Ruskin. Maria also took this opportunity to show the porcelain dolls that she has been working on.
We had quite a few more visitors than last year. The Patchings textile artists (Maria, Mandy and Jo) had a stand in the Textiles marquee as well as manning the Farmhouse studios.
 Gregor, Lizzie, Charlie, Bruce, Nora, Flora, Elena and Wist have all found new homes and are no longer available.
14th June 2001 Perdita found a new home, Bradley was chosen by our Bru-Jumeau doll and we cannot get any more of the fabric for Maximillian so we have reduced his edition limit to two.
10th June 2001 Claire's results are out - she obtained an upper second class honours degree in Applied Biochemistry. We are very proud of her.
The last Blizzard has left us for a new home.
2nd June 2001 Maria has been busy preparing for the Art Festival - less than two weeks to go!!. She has added several new bears to her range - Faolân, Flora, Hamish, Nora, Norris, Perdita, Rush and Standing Bear.
Maria has recently been enjoying herself. She has got together with Mandy, who is the silk artist in the next studio, to see if the dying techniques that Mandy uses on her dévore scarves could be applied to mohair or alpaca. The results of these experiments have been rather spectacular and the first bears made from these fabrics are Sid, Bluebeary Candy and Raspbeary Candy. I think we can expect to see more of these wonderful colours.
The last Rodney, Oscar and Hamish have all found new homes. Hamish went as soon as he was made!!
14th May 2001 Added comments form to the site.
6th May 2001 Lizzie, a sweet little girl bear, has been added to our hug, and the last Keiko went to a new home today.
28th April 2001 George sold out yesterday, Bruce and Ling-Tou have been added to our hug. Claire has also updated the About Us page.
24th April 2001 We had a very successful bear fair on Easter Monday, and several orders and course booking following on from the fair. Polo, Sage, Edison, Scott all sold out.
31st March 2001 We have several new additions to our hug, Bai-Yun, Lemon Drop, Marylin, Tian-Tian, Wist and Yum-Yum. Sheehan is also new but he has already found a new home. Toffee also found a new home today.
25th March 2001 Both Snowdrop and Betsy have sold out.
18th March 2001 Course dates have been updated to the end of the year.
Amber and Blaze have been added to our hug.
14th March 2001 Our bears are going all over the globe, a Keiko has gone to New Zealand and the last Cherry Dumpling is going to the USA. We all wish them well.
11th March 2001 We have added Lu-lu, Bradley and Everard to our range.
7th March 2001 Course dates for May - July are now available. 
6th March 2001 Crème Caramel has sold out. We have added FrugalEscrow to our services in order to provide credit card ordering and a secure escrow service - see How to order for details.
1st March 2001 ITrustyou - our credit card/escrow supplier has ceased trading. We are making arrangements with an alternative provider.
24th February 2001 Alex and Crème Caramel are added to our range, and Meadow found a new home.
22nd February 2001

Olive went to a new home last week and the last Morello went tonight.Maria has added Cuthbert, Frost and Lilith, as well as an Easter bunny called Snowdrop to her collection.

11th February 2001 We have had quite a busy weekend. Several bears found new homes and both Florrie and Gooseberry have sold out. Maria has lots of bear courses booked, and has scheduled quite a few extra (not listed) - so if you are thinking of taking a course then email or call Maria to find out when there are spaces.
8th February 2001 I don't know how to keep up with this - Morello and Sable are new additions to the 2001 collection.
7th February 2001

Well it has been a busy January. I have re-written most of the web site so that it is driven from asp scripts and a database. This will make it much easier to update in future. Hopefully you will not notice much difference but if you find anything wrong then please let me know.

Maria has been busy, making new bears to replace all those who sold over the Christmas period. Betsy, Blizzard, Gooseberry, Gregor, Meadow, Misha, Olive, Rodney, Rosie, Sage, Scott, Teal, Toffee, Treacle Toffee and Victoria are all new.

McTavish sold out during January.

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