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News Bulletins 2002

The studio is all decked out for Christmas. The bears are helping to decorate the tree.

16th December 2002 Christmas is getting close, all the bears are getting very excited. The stocking are already hung up so they are hoping that Santa will bring them lots of presents.
We are working on a new look to the site for the new year - so keep your eyes open. One new section will be pictures of our bear courses and some of the wonderful results. We will also have a gallery section, if you have any pictures of bears that you have made or any of our bears then please email them to us mailto:Webmaster and we will be delighted to put them in the gallery.

No longer available:
Lennox and Rutland
3rd December 2002 No longer available: Angel
23rd November 2002 We had a good day yesterday - the first day of the Christmas market. Many people came though and I'm sure that some bears were marked down for Christmas presents.
New bears:
Angel, Sugar and Nicholas
No longer available: Roxanne
18th November 2002 We spent the weekend decorating the studio ready for the Christmas Market next weekend.
New bears:
Lennox, Rutland, Christmas Belle and Leon
No longer available: Rufus, Tip and Top and Todd
1st November 2002 New bear adventure is now up, Green Ginger goes painting.
Updated the site to show we can accept credit cards through Paypal.
No longer available: Muffin
30th October 2002 Maria's entry has won the Teddy Bear Scene EVA award - Bare Bear Category A - at Alexandra Palace last Sunday. We are now putting together an Awards section for the website - watch this space ...
26th October 2002 New bears: Vanilla, Starlet, Benson, Posie, Cecil and Huey
12th October 2002 Course dates for Spring 2003 are now available.
New bears:
BiscuitMuffin and Scraggy
Adopted before the site was updated: Dumpling
No longer available:
Dahlia, Flo and Mick
13th September 2002 New bears: Dahlia and Lavender
7th September 2002 Our first bear adventure Galahad's Holiday in Hungary is now posted.
No longer available:
Festival and Blue Angel
26 August 2002 We had a good bear fair today. The next Patchings Bear Fair will be on Easter Sunday.
No longer available:
Dermot, Eric, Oddjob, Sam, Leonard and Lilith
25 August 2002 New bears: Cherry Jubilee
No longer available: Cinnamon
24 August 2002 August Bank Holiday weekend already - and Maria is busy getting ready for the bear fair on Monday. Galahad (one of Maria's bears) took us for a holiday in Hungary - story and pictures to follow, and then Green Ginger went on a painting course in Wales with David Bellamy - again story and pictures to follow soon.
New bears:
Blush, Dermot, Eric, 'Lil Blue, Oddjob and Sprouts
No longer available: Sasha, Pierre, Magnus, Bailey, Bran, Tian-Tian, Dempsey and Yan-Yan
23 June 2002 New bears: Tip and Top and Bruno
20 June 2002 New bear: Festival
Adopted before the site was updated: Grad
No longer available: Citrus Blue and Bluebeary Candy
18 June 2002 The Festival is now over and lots of bears have new homes. The debris is all cleared away and things are getting back to normal. Maria has a couple of commissions to work on and she will then be working on some new bears ready for the August Bank Holiday bear fair.
14 June 2002 The first two days of the Festival have gone very well. A record number of people have been round. Quite a few bears have found new homes.
No longer available: Sweetheart, Scrap, Duncan, Cub and Lemon Drop.
8 June 2002 Claire has been working hard at a new beadwork section, the first pages are now live so check them out and let us know what you think. Claire will be expanding this section over the next few weeks.
The marquees are all up for the festival, the bunting is being put up and Patchings is looking very colourful; we are all hoping for good weather.
5 June 2002 New bears: Citrus Blue, Cub, Farthing, Sam and Spit
Adopted before the site was updated: Port
24 May 2002 Our walking bear (front page) now carries a Union Flag to celebrate the Queen's Golden Jubilee.
No longer available:
Tomkin, Sable and Parkin.
16 May 2002 We have added more elf pictures to the elves page.
12 May 2002 We are delighted to announce that last night Claire's bead work was judged Overall Winner of The Beadworkers Guild Challenge 2002 and Best in Category Sculptural, 3-dimensional, or free-standing. The theme was "New for Old", Claire based her work on woodland plants and creatures growing on a piece of wood.  Here are two pictures of her work, click on the pictures for a larger copy. All these pictures are copyright © 2002 Claire Crouchley. Please ask for permission before using them.
9 May 2002 We finally have a picture of the first two elves for you see, Maria has made five so far and will photograph them when she can find some better weather.
8 May 2002 Maria has made some wonderful mischievous elves. Photos are being taken today so you will be able to see them tomorrow with luck. The last Tiggy sold over the weekend, Spot and Dot yesterday and Tudor today.
No longer available: Tiggy, Spot and Dot and Tudor
28 April 2002 April is nearly over, the trees are all in blossom and the good weather is on the way. Maria has been busy trying new ideas out - so keep an eye out for wonderful silk dolls and other creatures coming soon.
Claire is also busy working on the beading area of the site, she tells me that it should be ready soon.
New bears: Flo, Hester and Scrap
7 April 2002 We had quite a busy bank holiday weekend, although the bear fair itself was fairly quiet.
New bears: Magnus, Bamboo, Sven and Mick
No longer available: Petal, Sweetpea, Nixie and Henry
24 March 2002 We are busy preparing for the bear fair, Maria has been selling bears faster than she can replace them so she is working extra hard this week so that there will be some bears for the fair. The bears are all excited and taking bets on who will be adopted first. With spring underway it seems appropriate that a young rabbit (right) seems to have taken to the grass in the studio gardens.
New bears: Petal, Tomkin, Tudor and Yan-Yan
Adopted before the site was updated: Cedric
No longer available: Terence, Xander
9/10 March 2002 New bears: Tiggy, Nixie and Sweetpea
No longer available: Darryl
8 March 2002 The bear studio has had a spring makeover, all looks wonderful and ready for the season.
Updated the picture for the 7 inch bear course, course dates complete to the end of the year.
Modified the java scripts that drive the main menus so that the menus will work properly on Netscape 4 and Netscape 6.
New bears: Duncan, Spot and Dot and Terence
Adopted before the site was updated: Leroy and Leana
No longer available: Beatrix
24 February 2002 New 'About Us' page.
10 February 2002 New site layout went live. Flash 5 animation on front page and JavaScript menus for navigation.
New bear: Bailey
Adopted before the site was updated: Armstrong
No longer available: Kahlúa and Christmas Beary
8 February 2002 New bears: Róisín, Crispin, Sweetheart, Darryl, Cheri, Parkin
No longer available: Liz and Beth.
22 January 2002

Corrected course dates for the small Teddy Bear course - the second session is on Saturday the 9th March, not the 7th as advertised.
New bears: Nutkin, White Choc and Chip and Liz and Beth
Adopted before the site was updated: Blush and Alex
No longer available: Pansy, Stilton, Honey, Brian, Cranbeary and Fergus


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