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News Bulletins 2003

29th November 2003 We have added some new course pictures in the gallery.
New Bears:
Gwendolyn, Edwin, Polka, Simba, Pringle, Imp, Sun-Lee, Giles, Turnip, Choco, Lorcan, Sugar Bum Beary, Seraph, Gabriel, Bearly Jazz
Adopted before the site was updated: Seamus, Chutney, Cherub
No Longer Available: Cromwell, Cecil, Sho-Fang, Teddie, Cobweb, Mortimer, Wilmer, Snow and Flake, 'Lil Blue, Benedict, Bruno, Dennis
The following editions have been retired: Barnabus, Cardarn, Fleur, Cookie, Lola, Tyke, Amos, Cherie, Digby, Fudge, Orion, Expresso, Quin, Robbie, Dayfd, Dylon, Bon-bon
10th October 2003 The web site has moved to a new host - Blackfoot hosting, the changeover should have been seamless, but if you are experiencing any problems then please contact me.
5th October 2003 New Bears: Midge, Barney, Bertie, Hattie, Mortimer, Wilmer, Hagan and Erroll
No Longer Available: Bramble, Wolf and Louie
22nd September 2003 Maria has two entries in the finals for categories 2 & 8 in the Teddy Bear Times British Bear Artist Awards 2003
12th September 2003 VOTE for us. We are proud to announce that we have two finalists in the Teddy Bear Scene Readers' Choice Awards 2003. The finalists are Wolf and Bai-Yun. They can be seen in the October issue of Teddy Bear Scene (on sale now), together with a voting coupon. Please vote for us
5th September 2003 Maria has been experimenting with needle felting. You can see the needle felted bears that are available here.
New bears: Moth, Peaseblossom, Mustardseed, Briar, Bramble, Damson and Dennis
Adopted before the site was updated: Star
No longer available: Ruta, Noelle, Peppercorn, Makepeace, Ginger, Fred, Farthing and Bamboo
28th July 2003 Doesn't time fly - it hardly seems like yesterday we had the festival! Now Maria is gearing up for the August Bank Holiday bear fair.
New bears: Acorn, Walnut, Pistachio, Cobweb and Ermin
Adopted before the site was updated: Grizzelda
No longer available: Chapa, Ozzy,
Cherry Jubilee
11th June 2003 The festival is almost upon us, and Maria has released some new bears for the occasion. We look forward to seeing you all over the next 4 days. There are also some new pictures in all of the galleries.
New bears: Peppercorn, Spice, Mustard, Cromwell, Dijon, Ruta, Joki, Chapa, Gregory, Kimi and Sho-Fang
No longer available: Vanilla, Lu-lu, Murray and Jai-ji.
21st May 2003 New bear: Louie
Adopted before the site was updated: Custard Cream
20th May 2003 New bears: Edward, Fred and Ginger
19th May 2003 We have put up a new gallery - photos you have sent in.
No longer available: Sebastian
14th May 2003 Well the festival is almost upon us!! Everyone is rushing around getting those last minute arrangements made. As it is the 10th Anniversary festival then there is lots going on. Find out more.
No longer available: Gentle
7th May 2003 New bears: Jeffrey, Vanya, Benedict and Murray
No longer available: Biscuit, Green Ginger, Hagrid and Griswold
24th April 2003 It was a very quiet bear fair - maybe Easter Sunday is not a good day for fairs. Regular studio visitors will know that I feed and watch the birds that visit our farmhouse garden. Spotted over the weekend were: House Sparrow, Dunnock, Wren, Robin, Greenfinch, Goldfinch, Chaffinch, Blue Tit, Great Tit, Coal Tit, Blackbird, Magpie, Starling, Greater Spotted Woodpecker and Bullfinch. It also looks like our nesting box is being occupied by a pair of Blue Tits.
Adopted before the site was updated: Bernard
No longer available:
Spinach, Gloria, Crispin and Posie
19th April 2003 Young rabbit having a restWe have a number of young rabbits eating our flowers in the Farmhouse garden. Here is a picture of one of them enjoying the sunshine last Sunday. Maria has been busy making new bears ready for the bear fair tomorrow.
New bears: Ozzy, Buddy, Daisy, Wolf, Hagrid and Gloria
No longer available: Monroe
10th April 2003 Added two new bears in our galleries, Andrea a recent commission and a bear from our latest course
New bears: Peng-Song and Snow & Flake
30th March 2003 It was Mothering Sunday today - and a very busy day!!
New bears: Cocoa, Sadie and Spinach
Adopted before the site was updated: Scraps
No longer available:
Nicholas, Dragonfly, Lotus, Hester and Yum-Yum
29th March 2003 Updated course dates for the rest of 2003. Added 360 degree panorama to the 'Where to find us' page.
3rd March 2003 Maria has been busy at home, learning the art of laying mosaics, however she has still found time to make some new creatures.
We are still looking for pictures of our bears in their homes. Any pictures submitted will be placed on the website in a new gallery.

New bears: Babe and Crocus
No longer available: Rust and Neil, and Clarence
9th February 2003 I hope that you are enjoying the new look web-site. Please let us know what you want to see - it does help us to improve the site.
New bear:
No longer available: Starlet
1st February 2003 Two galleries are now ready - pictures from our bear courses, and a gallery of some of the commissions and specials that Maria has made.
No longer available: Bertha
20th January 2003 New look website released. Let us know your opinions. The site has been waiting rather a long time for this update, delayed though illness. Galleries and other updates will follow shortly.
New bears: Rust and Neil, Verdi, Dragonfly, Lotus and Griswold
No longer available: Benson, Sugar, Rusty, Huey, Marylin and Lavender


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