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News Bulletins 2004


4th December 2004 Patchings had a very successful Christmas Market. We had loads of people round and Claire was very busy making Golden Christmas Spiders for the tree. Maria has been making some lovely bears with multi coloured hand dyed mohair fabric that she obtained from Barbara Ann at the Alexandra Palace Teddy Bear show.
New editions: Tallulah, Tinkerbear, Wisteria, Wooster, Raphael, Sesame, Pumpernickel, Henry Junior
No longer available:
Valentina, Murphy, Blush, Lucia, Butternut, Spice, Becky, Walnut, Ferdinand
Adopted before appearing on the web site:
Usher, Bluebelle
1st November 2004 coverWe had a lovely time at Alexandra Palace, we also spent a couple of days in London. Now we are looking forward to the Patchings Christmas Market, followed by the British Bear Fair 2004. Maria has had an entry nominated for the British Bear Artist Awards so we are very excited.
Claire's beading book is now published and available for you to buy
The Beader's Bible: over 300 Great Charts for Beadweavers, by Claire Crouchley. We would love to hear from anyone who has a copy (we haven't seen a finished one yet -  though we did see the proofs).
New editions: Seth, Simon, William, Samuel, Sweetie, Algie, Butternut, Buddleia, Pebbles, Fuchsia, Edelweiss
No longer available:
Myrtle, Chantilly
Adopted before appearing on the web site:
17th October 2004 After a very successful bear fair we had our annual holidays scheduled. This year being a special holiday as it covered both Maria's and John's 50th birthdays as well as their 27th wedding anniversary. They have had a couple of wonderful holidays, pictures of Pisti in Budapest and Huey working with pastels under the guidance of Jenny Keal will be up soon. Maria is busy preparing for the show at Alexandra Palace next weekend. We look forward to seeing some of our regulars there.
New editions:
Chantilly, Cranberry Cookie, Putney, Truffle, Murphy, Oliver, Mulbeary, Tennyson, Kapok, Myrtle
No longer available:
Paprika, Tootsie, Sadie, Beano, Elliot, Pooch, Francesco, Baby Blue, Greenwich
Adopted before appearing on the web site:
Terence James George, James McTavish, Shelley, Cassis, Tiffin, Kerrie
1st August 2004 We have had a good summer, I have been very busy and I must apologise for the lack of site updates - I will attempt to rectify over the rest of the year. I have several pictures from bear courses, and of commissions Maria has undertaken. These will be appearing over the next week.
New editions: Greenwich, Kettle, Francesco, Lucia, Tulip, Beano, Ferdinand, Paprika, Major, Tootsie.
No longer available: Dusty, Pistachio, Bumble, Giles, Róisín, Joki, Buddy, Grimsby, Moss, Snuffles, Mustardseed, Edwin
Adopted before appearing on the web site: Kakao, Jack Daniel, Debbie
25th May 2004 The bear fair was a great success - we look forward to the August one. However, for now, our sights are firmly set on the Patchings Festival.
New editions: Dougal, Mi-Mi, Grimsby, Pooch, Parker, Baby Blue, Ziegfeld
No longer available: Snowball
Adopted before appearing on the web site: Viola, Wilberforce
28th March 2004 The Nottingham Bear Fair is now fully booked, we have 16 exhibitors including Charlies Fur and Fabrics.
New editions: Snuffles, Snowball, Napoleon, Trixie, Fifi, Becky
No longer available: Hattie, Peaseblossom, Imp, Christmas Belle
Adopted before appearing on the web site: Valentine, Carli Jai, Scamp, Scruffy, Dinkie
14th February 2004 Well I finally got round to updating the site. Such a lot has happened. We were all laid low over Christmas by the cold virus going round. Since then we have all been busy. Claire is writing a book of beading patterns - to be published in the Autumn, as well as trying to write her thesis. Maria has re-organised her studio - which can no longer be entered through the front door of the farmhouse, but now has its own entrance at the back. Maria has taken over the running of the Nottingham Bear Fair - it looks to be a good fair this Easter, we look forward to seeing everybody.
New bears:
Belle, Dusty, Moss and Bumble
No longer available: Hagan, Cherub, Bruno, Amber, Suger Bum Beary, Briar, Lorcan, Barney, Erroll, Gabriel, Turnip, Simba, Gwendolyn, Seraph, Gregory, Ermin, Damson, Kimi, Acorn and Peng-Song.
Edition withdrawn: Victoria - Maria couldn't find the right fabric.
Adopted before appearing on the web site: Oska and Billy


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