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News Bulletins 2005


22nd November 2005 Maria and John (with help from Robert) spent the last two weekends decorating the studio for the Christmas Market and putting lights up around the Farmhouse. A microlight landed in the field on Saturday, no doubt confused by the lights - we are now watching out for our first 747.
New Editions: Trixiebelle and Jingle
No longer available: Jester
6th November 2005 What a wet and windy day! Maria is quite disappointed today as some of the lights she brought to put up for Christmas don't work, also she forgot her staple gun - so Christmas decorations are postponed until next weekend. On the bright side Maria finished a bear called Sparkler yesterday and another bear earlier in the week.
New editions: Wesley and Sparkler
5th November 2005

We had a lovely day down at Alexandra Palace, here is a picture of Maria's stall. Maria is now busy decorating the studio ready for the Patchings Christmas Market.
New editions: Chinook, Emerald, Tabasco, Flitter, Opal, Pecan, Donatella, Donatell, Tea Lady, Mango, Sleepy, Toblerone, Pavlov and Koukla
No longer available:
Annabelle, Kapok, Bronx, Dennis and Lincoln

27th October 2005
Maria attended an evening at the Soroptomists where she had a stall. She raffled a special bear called "The Soroptomist" to support them and she sold lots of pipe cleaner bears on boxes and on cards.
4th September 2005 Congratulations to Molly Penford of Mansfield for winning the Spot the Bear competition. A 25 Patchings voucher is on the way to you.
No longer available: Raspbeary Candy
3rd September 2005 We had a very successful bear fair - there was a Spot the Bear competition which encouraged visitors to see the whole of Patchings. The winner will be drawn tomorrow - the winners name will appear on this site.
New editions: Stripe, Silver, Dottie, Freckle, Shamrock, Annabelle, Annette, Alistair and Andrew
No longer available: Nolita, Tallulah, Burton,
Pumpernickel, Wooster, Seth, Bloomingdale, Madison, Washington, Ellis, Liberty, Mishko
7th August 2005 John has been very busy for the summer and so this update is well overdue - sorry. We had a record festival this year - more visitors than ever! The exhibition at  Rufford Art Centre went well and we are now gearing up for the Nottingham Bear Fair. As if she did not have enough to do Maria has been experimenting with some trolls - see the pictures here. Claire has got a job and left home - heaven be praised. She has moved to Galway to take up a post-doctorate position at the National Centre for Biomedical Engineering Science, part of the National University of Ireland. As her apartment has a spare bedroom we look upon it not so much as losing a daughter but gaining a holiday home. There are cheap flights available between Nottingham East Midlands Airport and Shannon so she will be coming home frequently, if you want to see her then ask Maria as we will know her schedule.
New editions:
No longer available:
SoHo, Choco, Crocus, Harlem, Newark, Tribeca, Brooklyn, Astor, Samuel, Mignon
Adopted before appearing on the web site: George II, Mignette
30th May 2005 Maria has spent 9 weeks so far in New York and whilst there she made loads of bears as the list below shows. You can track Wilbeary and Maria's travels in Wilbeary's blog. She also is exhibiting in a Textile Artist exhibition at Rufford Art Centre, this runs until 3rd July 2005. The bears on display at Rufford are Tennyson, the Jazz band, Madison, Tribeca and Pumpernickel.
Both Claire and Maria are now busy preparing for the Festival.
New editions:
Tardy, Madison, Bronx, Chelsea, Hudson, Brooklyn, SoHo, Tribeca, Ellis, Harlem, Hoboken, Guggenheim, Penn, Mishko, Zorba, Pushkin, Burton, Nolita, Staton, Mignon, Liberty, Colombia, Lincoln, Macy, Washington, Bloomingdale, Rockefeller, Franklin, Newark and Astor.
No longer available: Snowflake, Tinkerbear, Algie, Pudding, Chocolate Pudding, Sweetie, Truffle, Bauble, Putney and Simon.
Adopted before appearing on the web site:
Barrie, Lafayette and Lexington
20th February 2005 The Bear Blog is now live!
20th February 2005 We have had a very quiet start to the year with the cold weather keeping people away. The studio opening times have changed (see front page) as Maria is spending a lot of time in New York this year. We are taking a new bear (Wilbeary) who will shortly be starting a web log (blog) on this site. We should see some interesting bears soon.
New editions: Bauble, Chocolate Pudding, Pudding, Snowflake, Jester and Jessie
No longer available:
Truffle, Cocoa, Mi-Mi, Kumquat and Raphael
Adopted before appearing on the web site:


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