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5th November 2006 Well still later than promised here is a partial update, I still have some bear photos to put up but I have no details for these so I am waiting for Maria to help me.
New Editions: Humphrey, Champagne, Carter, Derwent, Inca, Flutter, Fellini, Marmalade, Nutella and Saki
Adopted before appearing on this site: Melody
No longer available:
Stripe, Matilda, Caramac, Cha, Latte, Cashmere, Zeigfeld, Aran, Tardy, Jessie, Opal and Bournville
17th October 2006 Maria and Wilbeary are travelling (with John!) for the next couple of weeks. The studio will be closed until Sunday 29th October. However Claire will be in the studio on Saturday 21st October. You can keep track of their travels on Wilbeary's blog.
John has promised to do a proper update for the web site with all the new bears Maria has made over the next couple of days.
17th August 2006 Here are the remaining four bears, also I forgot that Thistle and Satsuma were no longer available.
New Editions: Goliath, Sprite, Malibu and Powder Puff
No longer available: Thistle and Satsuma
16th August 2006 I've been travelling quite a bit recently and on Monday I really got tied up in Heathrow, however I'm now in India sitting in an office updating this website. Maria has made a number of new bears, most of which I am posting today the remaining four are newer and I have yet to process the photographs - I will post them tomorrow. Preparations are well underway for the Bear Fair on the Bank Holiday, Maria and Claire look forward to seeing you there.
New Editions: Rose Bud, Peony, Dusk, Cha, Cerise, Cashmere, Caramac, Buzz and Bournville
Adopted before appearing on this site: Cranbeary Jnr
No longer available:
Andrew, Pebbles and Scruff
17th July 2006 I've managed to get the new bears that Maria has made up on the site.
New Editions:
Jack of Spades, Vodka, Warren, Satsuma, Thistle, Curry, Bertha, Latte, Scruff, Mocha and Yasmine

Adopted before appearing on this site: Pelirrojo
15th July 2006
Andy Murray We had a wonderful time at the Nottingham open, we saw Andy Murray. The Open was won by Richard Gasquet (France). Richard Gasquet
View of studio 1View of studio 2The studio move is complete and Maria is now settled into her new studio. What a lot of stuff she had accumulated!! It took ages to move everything, sort out the furniture etc. There is slightly less display space but much more storage space available. Today we took the opportunity to do a stock take and to reconcile the web site to the stock in the studio, this also takes into account a number of bears adopted in the past 4 weeks. Maria also retired some editions as she no longer has enough of the fur to finish them. We also found a couple of bears that we thought had been adopted!
Maria has also made a number of new bears which I photographed today. I will post them tomorrow.
Previously marked as not available - now available:
Pecan and Dottie
Available but not yet made:
Babe, Cuthbert, Kettle and Sven
Abigail, Edward, Havacska, Katz, Leon, Mustard, Pom-pom, Scraggy, Sprouts, Teal and Vanya
No Longer Available:
Cranbeary Cookie, Crumble, Donatell, Donatella, Franklin, Freckle, Gaelic Coffee, Henry Junior, Hoboken, Moth, MulbearyPolka, Shamrock, Tea lady, Velvet and Wisteria
Adopted by Maria: Rockefeller
17th June 2006 After a very successful festival we are ready for a rest. Next week we are going to the Nottingham Open and the following week we are moving studio - not far just to the other side of the Farmhouse. The studio will be closed from Monday 19th June to Saturday 1st July. We will re-open on Sunday 2nd July.
New Editions: Velvet, Matilda, Gaelic Coffee and Nettle
Adopted before appearing on this site:
Tilly and Gary
No longer available:
Penn, Parker, Pecan, Alistair and Pringle
17th June 2006 News of the blue tits - they successfully reared 6 chicks and have flown the nest. The picture on the left shows them shortly before they flew, as you can see they have grown and are almost the size of their parents. On the right is a picture of (most of) the studio artists holding the helium balloons that we put out each day of the festival. From left to right they are Lora, Claire, Mandy, Maria, Tas and Jo.
8th June 2006 The Festival today was very busy, we put up helium balloons to guide people to the Studio Artists and found that many more people than normal came down the the visitor centre.
Claire has been taking photos of the Blue Tits and you can follow their progress on her blog Claire's blog.
29th May 2006
Post 2
And these pictures were taken today, as you can see she has chicks! We can still see one un-hatched egg, but the chicks are difficult to count - I have definitely seen six and possibly eight. The picture on the right is the male bringing food (caterpillars) which the female mashes before giving to the chicks. The next update will appear on the evening of 8th June (internet permitting).
New Edition: Hyacinth

No longer available: Pavlov and Annette
29th May 2006
Post 1
Well I couldn't get onto the net last week so here are the pictures I took then - this is the female sitting on the eggs (note how much the nest has built up) and a picture of the eggs. As you can see we have ten eggs in all. These pictures were taken on Sunday 21st May.
20th May 2006 Finally got round to updating the site. I'll post some nest box pictures on Monday - we've got 10 eggs and are expecting them to hatch any minute.
New Editions: Dixie, Elgar, Felix and Hydrangea
Adopted before appearing on this site: Jasmin
No longer available:
Everard, Guggenheim, Napoleon, Chinook, Clumber and Chelsea
26th February 2006 At last another update! Maria has been doing a lot of travelling, we went to Budapest for the Christmas market in December, Galway to visit Claire in January and Budapest again in February.We are now looking forward to Easter and the Nottingham Bear Fair.
Last year we set up a nest box camera and had a pair of bluetits nest and lay eggs,  unfortunately they abandoned the nest before the eggs hatched, we do not know what happened to them. This weekend we had a pair examine the box closely - hopefully they will nest.

New Editions:
Cranbeary Sauce, Worcester, Rufford and Clumber
Adopted before appearing on this site: Buxton
No longer available:
Sparkler, Dottie, Macy, Flitter, Wesley  and Silver


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