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News Bulletins 2007


19th November 2007 An update just in time for the Christmas market.
New Editions:  Domino, Soo-Soo, Pewter, Conker, Colorado, Theodore, Talia and Twinkle
Adopted before appearing on this site: Honey Bear and Sparkle
No longer available:
Simon, Puddle, Treacle, Tulip, Rufford, Aislinn and Jeannie
23rd September 2007 A few more new bears - just named today
New Editions: Wilde, Jeannie, Puddle, Treacle, Wilber, Winnie and Quentin
22nd September 2007 Well the last 6 months have flown. We went on holiday to Hungary, Claire took Wilbeary to Wales, John took Wilbeary to Copenhagen and then Maria & John have just celebrated their 30th Wedding Anniversary!. Somewhere in there was a bear fair - we had 18 stalls and lots of people came round. As is now usual Maria went onto Radio Nottingham to promote the fair.
New Editions:  Graham, Faith, Hope, Charity, Midnight, Aislinn and Tristan
Adopted before appearing on this site: Norton and Warhol
No longer available:
Zhen-Zhen, Trixiebelle, Yasmine, Harry, Derwent, Holmes, Toblerone, Tutti Frutti, Charlton, Aramis, Campbell, Saki, Carter, Angostura, Tennyson, Felix, Spearmint, Dixie, Koukla, Tipsy, Chang-Chang, Peony, William, Hydrangea and Verdi
29th May 2007 Autograph bearMaria has made some more Autograph bears - these bears are made from unbleached calico and are supplied with a pen. The idea is that you have the bear for a significant occasion and collect as many autographs as you can to remember the occasion. They are 9.5" tall and cost 15.00.


New Editions:  Cardamon, Cumin, Spearmint, Charlton and Campbell.
Adopted before appearing on this site: Bibi and Saffy
No longer available:
Major, Seville, Bailey, Humphrey, Tabasco, Candie, Cerise and Smudge

15th April 2007 We had a good bear fair - our largest yet. John has been away again to New York - yes he promised to stay at home but you know what he is like. He is off again at the end of April, Wilbeary put his foot down and insisted that if John had to go then the least he could do was to take Wilbeary and Maria with him. So, we are all going the Memphis on Friday!! Maria said "Gracelands!!". We will be back in the studio on Sunday 6th May. Keep an eye on Wilbeary's Blog for news.
New Editions: Harry, Basil, Audrey, Tipsy, Angostura, Alfred, Ambrose, and Holmes
No longer available:
Hudson, Seville, Baileys, Ohanzee and Zorba
4th March 2007 It has been a busy year so far - John has been to Barcelona, New York (twice), Bangalore and Edinburgh. He is off again tomorrow to New York again - we are beginning to think he doesn't like staying at home!!! He tells us that he will be back for a while after this trip.
Easter Monday's bear fair looks like being our largest yet; we have stalls in the Pavilion and in the log cabin - so make sure that you visit both locations. Both John and Claire will be home for the fair.
New Editions: Half Pint, Candie, Aramis, Ohanzee, Chang-Chang, Zhen-Zhen, Bee and Shuang
Adopted before appearing on this site: Athos, Porthos, Howard and Waldorf
No longer available:
Percy and Pecan
13th January 2007 Santa coming down the chimney in Maria's studio.HAPPY NEW YEAR to everyone. We had a wonderful time in Budapest mid December. Maria (as usual) decorated the studio - this year we had Santa coming down the chimney. After quite a busy Christmas, we are enjoying the quiet of January. John is off to Barcelona on Sunday for a weeks business meeting and Robert is coming home from his three months in Newry (Northern Ireland). Claire is still enjoying life in Galway.
New Editions: Christmas Pudding, Smudge, Russet, Seville, Quartz, Percy, Mint Julep, Tutti Frutti, and Baileys
Adopted before appearing on this site: Yam Yam, Peach
No longer available:
Goliath, Sprite, Kyle, Buzz, Marmalade, Worcester, Malibu, Nutella, Powder Puff, Inca, Fellini, Curry and Jack of Spades


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