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20th December 2008 Christmas has caught up fast - only 5 days to go!! Maria is rushing round trying to get everything done in time. Claire is back from Swansea and Robert will come down from Sheffield on the 23rd, so the whole family will be together.
New Editions: Bruce Koala, Willow, Freddy and Couscous.
Adopted before appearing on this site: Fidget, Ting-Ting, Tippi, Chrimble, Cris and Kris.
No longer available: Parsnip, Fondant, Midnight, Martin, Ginseng, Fanny, Russ, Pashmina (renamed to Tommy Gun), Hyacinth and Dottie.
31st August 2008 We had a very good bear fair, most of our exhibitors did very well.
New Editions: Ginseng, Parsnip, Beijing, Scampi, Fanny and Gerald
Adopted before appearing on this site:
Ribena and Chestnut
No longer available:
Maisy, Bourbon, Persimmon, Winnie, Quentin, Ruby and Warren
17th August 2008 Wow - such a long time since I updated the site. We had six chicks for the Festival and a very busy festival it was. All six chicks fledged successfully. Since then we had a wonderful concert with Michael Ball
Michael Ball in concert at Pathcings Fireworks after Michael Ball concert at Patchings
and we are now all busy again preparing for the Bear Fair.
New Editions: Liquorice, Anemone, Sorbet, Fondant, Rozy, Persimmon, Plum, Pashmina, Bourbon and Maisy.
Adopted before appearing on this site:
Caran, d'Ache, Pesto, Rose, Popcorn and Greengage
No longer available:
Hazel, Maya, Little Orchid, Trouble and Mint Julep
20th May 2008 Nestbox picture with seven eggs visibleWe have eight eggs - this picture was taken when we had seven. She has started sitting on the eggs and we hope for chicks in time for the Festival.

No longer available: Hope

2nd May 2008 Great Tit inspecting the nestbox.Great Tit on a branchWell we have settled Claire in Gorseinon near Swansea, just don't mention mail boxes to her. Wilbeary, Maria and John took a van full to the brim - it still did not contain all of her stuff.
Last weekend Maria was at Patchings and she saw a bird enter the nest box. John later saw it and we can confirm that it is a pair of Great Tits. We are hoping for eggs soon.
Claire is home for the Spring Bank Holiday weekend - we are looking forward to seeing her.

New Editions: Ruby and Russ
Adopted before appearing on this site:
Tabitha Rose
No longer available:
Buddleia and Graham

5th April 2008 Wilbeary wondering how to reach his ice cream sundae.We had a very busy Bear Fair, there were many stalls both in the log cabin and in the pavilion and a steady stream of visitors. Then we travelled to Swansea last weekend - Claire has a new job there and we went to find a place for her to live. Wilbeary went with us, and as usual he found some delicious food - even if he couldn't quite reach it.
New Editions: Trouble, Jack and Anya
Adopted before appearing on this site:
Flopsy and Bandit
No longer available:
Berry and Theo
9th March 2008 Finally another update - I hope that you have been following Wilbeary on his travels.
New Editions: Hazel, Berry, Little Orchid, Martin, Maya, Milly, Molly, Theo
Adopted before appearing on this site: Rose Christine, Simon II, Grizzle, Osbourne
No longer available:
Colorado, Belle, Talia, Sesame, Wilber, Cranbeary Sauce, Soo-soo, Cumin, Pewter, Half Pint


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